The Project


Overall Objective: Audiovisual Preservation Services.

The main Deliverable of the PrestoSpace Project is to develop and launch actual facilities and services for audiovisual preservation. The project will start these preservation factories by preparing the business plan, contacting potential investors and working with commercial partners to set up the actual services. These services will exploit the technological and industrial results of the project. A strong economic factor supporting these preservation factories is a commitment by the major PrestoSpace consortium members to use these services.


  • A Fast, affordable datacine
  • A Contactless Playback Tool for audio disks
  • An Automated Audio Preservation tool
  • An Automated Video Preservation tool
  • A Manual tape condition assessment tool
  • An Information System for Preservation Management


  • A Restoration Management Tool
  • A Defect Analysis and Description Infrastructure
  • A Disk-to-Disk real-time Restoration Tool
  • A Digital Film Restoration Software Tool
  • A Set of high-level Restoration Algorithms

Storage and Archive Management

  • A Web-Guide and Software tool for planning of storage for audiovisual preservation.
  • A Guide and Software tool for business-case planning for audiovisual preservation.
  • A Logistics and Quality Insurance System for Audiovisual Preservation.

Metadata, Delivery and Access

  • A Semi-automatic description tool
  • An Export system for delivering preservation results to medium and large archives.
  • A Turnkey system for delivering preservation results to small archives.


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