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Name Annual Report on Preservation Issues for European Audiovisual Collections (D22.8)
Description This is the third annual report on the preservation status of European audiovisual material. The report gives information on the cost of digitisation, and the cost of the ‘digital preservation’ of the results of digitisation. The report also reviews current information on the value of audiovisual content, and concludes with updates on archive access and on European political and commercial developments
Content Deliverable_22-8_Annual_Report_on_Preservation_Issues_2006 (pdf)
Author BBC - - Published on 02/03/2007
Name Service Level Agreements for Storage (D13.5)
Description Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for data storage. Data storage is a very particular area of IT services that has seen rapid growth over the last 5 years. The technology has grown mature enough to be able to provide a specialised service for small to large organisations that are willing to outsource such capacity to a third party. At the end of the report a number of recommendations for the process of formulation of SLA have been made.
Content Deliverable_13-5_Service_Level_Agreements_for_Storage (pdf)
Author Stream UK - - Published on 23/02/2007
Name Digital Repositories Explained (D13.4)
Description This document sets out the requirements for a secure, sustainable digital repository – with special reference to digital audiovisual materials – and examines the technology and standards being developed to fulfil those requirements. It recommends “OAIS for datatape” as the needed (and missing) approach.
Content Deliverable_13-4_Digital_Repositories_Explained (pdf)
Author BBC - - - Published on 22/02/2007
Name Conceptual search survey (D16.2)
Description The current deliverable introduces the necessary background information for the domain, definition of the limitations of contemporary types of search, as well as an overview of advanced search techniques. In the end it presents the solution chosen as a basis for the conceptual search in the context of PrestoSpace: the KIM Platform for semantic annotation, indexing and retrieval, providing semantically-enabled kinds of search, formal knowledge navigation and the opportunity for even more sophisticated search paradigms to be layered on top.
Content Deliverable_16-2_Conceptual_search_survey (pdf)
Author USFD - - Published on 15/01/2007
Name Automation of difficult media (D5.3)
Description This report identifies and documents best practice solutions and possible tools to improve digital preservation of massive amounts of 'difficult media': film rolls, open reel video and audio, audio disks.
Content Deliverable_5-3_Tools_for_automation_of_difficult_media (pdf)
Author A.Perrier (INA), B.Despas (Centrimage), J.Varra (INA), L.Gignoux (Vectracom), JH. Chenot (INA) - Published on 07/11/2006
Name Report on video and audio tape deterioration mechanisms (D6.1)
Description Known or suspected deterioration mechanisms are presented in this report with their relations to deterioration symptoms as experienced while playing back some archival magnetic tapes. Related condition assessment methods are described. The on-site transfer of these methods are evaluated. A proposal for a “condition assessment method” based on knowledge database and knowledge management system is proposed in a second part.
Content D6-1_Report_on_video_and_audio_tape_degradation_mechanisms-Public (pdf)
Author CRCDG - - Published on 01/09/2006
Name Annual Report on Preservation Issues for European Audiovisual Collections (D22.6)
Description This is the second annual report on the preservation status of European audiovisual material. The report is compiled from direct contact with nearly 400 audiovisual collections of various sizes in 34 European countries. The emphasis is on preservation awareness and preparedness – and how much training needs to be done.
Content Deliverable_22-6_Annual_Report_on_Preservation_Issues_2005 (pdf)
Author BBC - - Published on 10/03/2006
Name Storage Ten-year Forecast of Storage Evolution (D12.5)
Description This document present a ten-year forecast for storage technologies, including technical limitations of the current technologies Πplus suggested new research and product development possibilities.
Content Deliverable_12-5_Storage_Ten-year_Forecast_of_Storage_Evolution (pdf)
Author Hi-Stor - - Published on 10/03/2006
Name A Survey of Digital Formats for Storage (D12.6)
Description This document explains the ways in which audiovisual content can be held in computer files – the encoding of the content, including data reduction (compression) as the various file formats in use.
Content Deliverable_12-6_A_Survey_of_Digital_Formats_for_Storage (pdf) (pdf)
Author Stream UK - - Published on 02/03/2006
Name Audiovisual Defect & Quality Description Schemes and Descriptors (D8.3)
Description This document contains a proposal for description of the condition of audiovisual essence, i.e. its technical quality and the defects it may have. Proposed descriptors are conformant to the MPEG-7 standard.
Content Deliverable 8-3_Audiovisual Defect & Quality (pdf)
Author JRS - - Published on 16/12/2005
Name Annual Report on Preservation Issues for European Audiovisual Collections (D22.4)
Description This report summarises the preservation status of European audiovisual material. The report is compiled from direct contact with 20 audiovisual collections of various sizes in 11 EC countries - and public data from a further 10 countries.
Content Deliverable 22-4_Annual_Report_on_Preservation_Issues_2004 (pdf)
Author BBC - - Published on 31/01/2005
Name Compilation of Technical Manuals on Project Website (D21.1)

The training workpackage of EC Project PrestoSpace is concerned with old technology (the operation of equipment needed for obsolete formats) as well as new technology developed by the project.

This document provides material for a web-based guide to technical information on obsolete film, video and audio equipment.
Content Deliverable 21-1 Compilation of Technical Manuals (pdf)
Author BBC - - Published on 19/01/2005
Name State of the Art of Content Analysis Tools for Video, Audio and Speech (D15.3)

This report is a survey of the state of the art of tools and algorithm for analysis of audiovisual content for the purpose of metadata extraction. The report is divided in four parts: Parts A through C discuss content analysis tools working on visual, audio and jointly on audiovisual features respectively. Part D summarises the state of the art of the tools and discusses their feasibility and practical usability, as well as the interdependencies between the various tools.

Benchmarking results, such as those of TREC Video Retrieval Evaluation (TRECVID), are used to objectively evaluate the quality of audiovisual content analysis tools.
Content Deliverable 15-3 Content Analysis Tools for Video, Audio and Speech Report (pdf)
Author JRS - - Published on 10/03/2005
Name Analysis of current audiovisual documentation models, Mapping of current standards (D15.1)
Description This deliverable is a report containing an analysis of representative audiovisual documentation models adopted by the major organisations participating in the project plus a set of standard-models with notable prevalence. Include is an overall mapping of entities and attributes into a common denominator. The focus is on the practical aspects of the different models in reference to the main focus of the overall workgroup as well as on the migration of legacy metadata.
Content Deliverable 15-1 Analysis_AV_documentation_models Report (pdf)
Author ORF - - Published on 16/03/2005
Name Final report on users requirements (D2.1)
Description A large survey has been done with the User Group, using interviews and customised questionnaires. Volumes, needs and urgencies have been identified. The questionnaire and the survey are now available on the PrestoSpace website to reach as many organisations as possible all over Europe.

The results of the first PrestoSpace questionnaire are presented in this report. They are arranged per working area and for the integrated project deliverables; taking into account the different backgrounds of the defined user groups.

Content Deliverable 2-1 User Requirements Final Report (pdf)
Author B&G - - Published on 15/09/2004
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