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Name Application of headspace SPME-GC-MS in characterisation of odorous volatile organic compounds emitted from magnetic tape coatings based on poly(urethane-ester) after natural and artificial ageing
Description The aim of this study was to investigate the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in magnetic tapes after several decades of natural ageing at room temperature. Headspace solid-phase microextraction was used as a sample preparation technique and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry was used to characterise the VOCs. Eight samples of polyester-based magnetic tapes having a magnetic coating made of a poly(urethane-ester) polymeric binder, various additives and magnetic particles were investigated. The compounds identified in the samples were fatty acid ester lubricants, compounds from antioxidants such as 2,6-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4-methyl-phenol, manufacturing by-products
such as cyclic polyester oligomers, and deterioration compounds from the magnetic coating. Homologous series of carboxylic acids, furanones and aldehydes have also been identified. The latter compounds were exclusively present in the magnetic coating and could be related to the odour intensity by odour sensory ranking testing. These compounds are most likely to be the source of the often reported characteristic smell.
Content Polymer Testing (2006), doi:10.1016/j.polymertesting.2006.10.006
Author B. Thiebaut, et al.

L' image numérique au service de la numérisation des anciens disques

Description Passionné par la photographie et la phonographie, Charles Cros voulait soumettre le temps.
Il est curieux de constater qu'aujourd'hui la rencontre de l'image et du son, du numérique et de l'optique va enfin nous permettre d'exaucer son rêve.
Ainsi des millions d'enregistrements phonographiques menacés par les ans et victimes de lectures qui chaque fois estompent un peu plus la mémoire de ces supports, vont enfin retrouver une nouvelle jeunesse grâce à des procédés de lecture optique sans contact.
Parmi ceux-ci le système " Clareety " développé par une équipe de chercheurs de l'INA dispose de
nombreux atouts pour répondre aux besoins des archivistes et des professionnels de la restauration.
Content RDSHC n° 322 (2007), Revue du Son et du Home Cinema. 2007.10.01
Author Jean-José Wanegue

Ten years of Visual Restoration Systems,

Content submitted to ICIP 2007.
Author Anil Kokaram,

Blotch Detection for Digital Archives Restoration based on the Fusion of Spatial and Temporal Detectors,

Description This paperproposes a method based on the Dempster-Shafer evidence theory for the detection of blotches in digitized archive film sequences. The detection scheme relies on the fusion of two uncorrelated fast, no motion compensated, spatio-temporal blotch detectors. The imprecision and uncertainty of botch detectors are modeled using Dempster-Shafer evidence theory, which improves the decision, by taking into acoount the ignorance and the conflict between detectors. We found that this combination scheme improves the global performance, and compares favorably to the motion compensated, complex and time consuming blotch detection methods, for reat archive film sequences.
Content poster session IMA (Institute for Mathematics and Application) Workshop : The Mathematics and Art of Film Editing and Restoration, Minneapolis, MN, USA, February 6-10, 2006.
Author L.Laborelli, S. Tilie,

Computational Intelligence Approach to Archival Musical Recordings.

Description An algorithmic approach to wow defect estimation in archival musical recordings is presented. The wow estimation is based on the simultaneous analysis of many sinusoidal components, which are assumed to depict the defect. The rough determination of sinusoidal components in analysed musical recording is performed by standard sinusoidal modeling procedures employing magnitude and phase spectra analysis. Since archival recordings tend to contain distorted tonal structure the basic sinusoidal modeling approach is often found insufficient resulting in audible distortions in the restored signal. It is found that the standard sinusoidal modeling approach is prone to errors especially when strong frequency or amplitude variations of sinusoidal components occur. It may result in gaps or inappropriately matched components leading to incorrect estimation of the wow distortion. Hence, some refinements to sinusoidal component analysis including interpolation and extrapolation of
tonal components are proposed. As it was demonstrated in experiments, due to nonlinear nature of wow distortion, the enhancement of sinusoidal analysis can be performed by means of a neural network. The paper demonstrates implemented algorithms for parasite frequency
modulation in archival recordings together with obtained results. The work was supported by the Commission of the European Communities, within the Integrated Project No. FP6- 507336: “PRESTOSPACE”.
Content Presented at the Musical Acoustics Sessions at the Joint ASA-ASJ Meeting Honolulu, HI, USA (Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 2006).
Author Czyzewski, A., Litwic, L., Maziewski,

Intelligent Algorithms for Movie Sound Tracks Restoration.

Description Two algorithms for movie sound tracks restoration are discussed in the paper. The first algorithm is the unpredictability measure computation applied to the psychoacoustic model-based broadband noise attenuation. A learning decision algorithm, based on a neural network, is employed for determining useful audio signal components acting as maskers of the noisy spectral parts. An application of the rough set decision system to this task is also considered. An iterative method for calculating the sound masking pattern is presented. The second of presented algorithms is the routine for precise evaluation of parasite frequency modulations (wow) utilizing sinusoidal components extracted from the sound spectrum. The results obtained employing proposed intelligent signal processing algorithms, as well as the relationship between both routines, will be presented and discussed in the paper.
Content paper : Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Transaction on Rough Set V, Vol. 4100/2006, (2006): 123-145.
Author Czyzewski, A., Dziubinski, M., Litwic, L. and Maziewski,
Name On missing Data Recovery of Dirt Sparkles from Degraded Colour Films
Content To appear in SPIE Journal of Optical Engineering, 2007
Author J. Rent, T. Vlachos.
Name Blotch Detection for Digital Archive Restoration based on the Fusion of Spatial and Temporal Detectors
Description This paper proposes a method based on the Dempster-Shafer evidence theory for the detection blotches in digitized archive film sequences.
Content fusion2006_final (pdf) - presented at the FUSION 2006 International Conference, Florence, July 2006
Author Sorin Tilie, Louis Laborelli and Isabelle Bloch.
Name Exemplar-based inpainting with rotation invariant patch matching
Description In this paper, we propose a novel approach to patch matching in exemplar-based inpainting. Our field of
concern is movie restoration, particularly scratch concealment. Here we want to focus on a single frame (still
image) inpainting. Exemplar-based approach uses patches from the known areas and copies their content
to the damaged area.../...
Content VISAPP2006 (pdf) - International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications (VISAPP), Setúbal, Portugal , February 25-28, 2006
Author Jiri Boldys and Bernard Besserer.
Name Accidental Wow Evaluation Based on Sinusoidal Modeling and Neural Nets Prediction
Description In this paper an algorithmic approach to the wow defect characteristic evaluation is presented. The approach is based
on a sinusoidal analysis comprising both amplitude and phase spectra processing. The frequency trajectories
depicting the distortion are built on a basis of amplitude, frequency and phase dependencies and are further used for
wow characteristic evaluation. Additionally the experiments concerning the neural-network-based prediction applied
to the characteristic are performed. The obtained results are compared to linear-prediction.../...
Content GUT_060520 (pdf) - presented at the 120 Audio Engineering Society Convention, (20-23 May 2006), preprint No. 6769.
Author Maziewski P., Litwic L., Czyzewski A.
Name Accidental Wow Defect Evaluation Using Sinusoidal Analysis Enhanced by Artificial Neural Networks
Description A method for evaluation of parasitic frequency modulation (wow) in archival audio is presented. The proposed approach utilizes sinusoidal components as their variations are highly correlated with the distortion variations. The sinusoidal components are extracted from audio signal by means of sinusoidal modeling procedures being often severely distorted and in case of wow also signficantly modulated.../...
Content GUT_240706 (pdf) - presented at the Rough Sets and Knowledge Technology 2006, (July 2006)
Author Czyzewski A., Kostek B., Maziewski P. Litwic L.
Name Scratch detection : an overview
Description poster session IMA(Institute for Mathematics and Application)
Content poster IMA Workshop (pdf) : The Mathematics and Art of Film Editing and Restoration, Minneapolis, MN, USA, February 6-10, 2006
Author Bernard Besserer.
Name Non-motion-compensated Region-Based Dirt Detection for Film Archive Restoration
Description A novel non-motion-compensated method is proposed for dirt detection in archived film sequences. A confidence measurement extracted from raw differences between current frame and each of the previous and next frames is used to exploit the temporally impulsive nature of dirt impairments.../...
Content oe06 (pdf) - SPIE Optical Eng., jan. 30 2006
Author J. Ren and T. Vlachos.
Name Efficient Detection of Temporally Impulsive Dirt Impairments in Archived Films
Description We propose a novel approach for the detection of temporally impulsive dirt impairments in archived film sequences. Our
method does not require motion compensation and uses raw differences between the current frame and each of the
previous and next frames to extract a confidence signal which is used to localize and label dirt regions.../...
Content sp07 (pdf) - Signal Processing, june 20,2006.
Author J. Ren and T. Vlachos.
Name Segmentation-Assisted Detection of Dirt Impairments in Archived Film Sequences

A novel segmentation-assisted method for film dirt detection is proposed. We exploit the fact that film dirt manifests in the spatial domain as a cluster of connected pixels whose intensity differs substantially from that of its neighborhood and we employ a segmentation-based approach to identify this type of structure.

Content smb06 (pdf) - IEEE Trans. Sys., Man & Cyb. nov.19,2006.
Author J. Ren and T. Vlachos.
Name Film Grain Synthesis and its Application to Re-graining
Description Digital film restoration and special effects compositing require more and more automatic procedures for movie regraining.
Missing or inhomogeneous grain decreases perceived quality. For the purpose of grain synthesis an existing
texture synthesis algorithm has been evaluated and optimized. We show that this algorithm can produce synthetic grain
which is perceptually similar to a given grain template, which has high spatial and temporal variation and which can be
applied to multi-spectral images.../...
Content IE06 (pdf) - Proc. Conf. Image Quality and System Performance III, Electronic Imaging, Jan. 2006
Author P. Schallauer, R. Mörzinger.
Name Rapid and Reliable Detection of Film Grain Noise
Description The knowledge of material specific film grain characteristics can significantly improve the performance of digital film processing algorithms. This paper proposes a rapid and reliable detector for film grain properties. First, homogeneous blocks concerning intensity and texture are determined by a novel measure calculated in the frequency domain. Second, based on these blocks the signal-dependent grain noise level is estimated and an image region of pure film grain is detected.
Content ICIP06 (pdf) - Proc. Int. Conf. on Image Processing, October 2006.
Author P. Schallauer, R. Mörzinger.
Name Segmentation-assisted dirt detection for archive film restoration
Description A novel segmentation-assisted method for film dirt detection is proposed. Since dirt manifests as a cluster of pixels whose intensity differs from that of its neighbourhood, we employ segmentation and assume that each small region as a dirt candidate. The assumption is validated by considering raw (non-motion compensated) differences between the current frame and each of the previous and next frames which provides a measure of a confidence.../...
Content BMVC05 (pdf) - Proc. BMVC, Sep. 2005.
Author J. Ren and T. Vlachos.
Name Dirt detection for archive film restoration using an adaptive spatio-temporal approach
Description We propose an adaptive spatio-temporal approach for the detection of dirt in archive film sequences. By combining
useful features from conventional stand-alone spatial and temporal approaches our method achieves better performance
in terms of both correct dirt detection rate and false alarm rate.../...
Content cvmp05 (pdf) - IEE Proc. CVMP, Dec. 2005
Author J. Ren and T. Vlachos.
Name Temporal Extension to Exemplar-based Inpainting, Applied to Scratch Correction in Damaged Image Sequences
Description This paper presents an adaptation of the exemplar-based inpainting process for image sequences. The aimed application
is digital restoration of old movies, and particularly scratch removal, which still remains an unsolved problem .../...
Content VIIP 2005 (pdf) - Procs. of the Fifth IASTED - International Conference on VISUALIZATION, IMAGING, & IMAGE PROCESSING (VIIP) September 7-9, 2005, Benidorm, Spain
Author G. Forbin, B. Besserer, J. Boldyš, and D. Tschumperlé.
Name Wow detection and compensation employing spectral processing of audio
Description The engineered algorithms are presented for the detection of parasitic frequency modulation in audio originating from irregularities of sound carrier velocity. The algorithms were developed with special regard to non-periodic frequency modulation effects found in old movie sound tracks. The proposed algorithms consider the influence of the wow disturbance on the location of formants in time-frequency representation.../...
Content 117AES_paper (pdf) - presented at the 117 AES Convention, J.Audio Eng. Soc. (Abstracts), vol. 53, no. 1/2, p. 91, (2005 January/February), preprint 6212.
Author Czyzewski A., Maziewski P, Dziubinski M., Kaczmarek A., Kostek B.
Name New Algorithms forWow and Flutter Detection and Compensation in Audio
Description New algorithms were developed for discriminating wow from natural musical effects, such as: periodicity detection by means of autocorrelation signal, algorithm employing AR model for power line hum frequency detection and algorithm for estimating pitch variation curve employing wow tracking based on recording bias detection in magnetic recordings. Moreover. non-uniform resampling routine was implemented and applied to wow compensation. The developed algorithms were studied using real audio examples allowing a comparison of their effectiveness.
Content 118AES_paper (pdf) - presented at the 118 AES Convention, J.Audio Eng. Soc. (Abstracts), vol. 53, no. 7/8, p. 669, (2005 July/August), preprint 6353.
Author Czyzewski A., Dziubinski M., Ciarkowski A., Kulesza M., Maziewski P., Kotus J.
Name Methods for detection and removal of parasitic frequency modulation in audio recordings.
Description Several methods devoted to wow defect evaluation and compensation are discussed in the paper. The presented algorithms utilize time- and spectrally-based audio processing routines. The newly proposed time-domain algorithm takes an advantage of an autocorrelation analysis of short-term pitch variations. The spectrally based methods employ: spectral peak picking techniques, analysis of spectral center of gravity, and some routines for tracking high-frequency bias in magnetic recordings.../...
Content AES26_paper (pdf) - presented at the AES 26th International Conference, J. Audio Eng. Soc. (Abstracts), vol. 53, no. 5, p. 440, (2005 May)
Author Czyzewski A., Maziewski P., Dziubinski M., Kaczmarek A., Kulesza M., Ciarkowski A.
Name Intelligent Algorithms for Optical Track Audio Restoration
Description The Unpredictability Measure computation algorithm applied to psychoacoustic model-based broadband noise attenuation is discussed. A learning decision algorithm based on a neural network is employed for determining audio signal useful components acting as maskers of the spectral components classified as noise. An iterative algorithm for calculating the sound masking pattern is presented.../...
Content 10RSFDGrC_paper (pdf) - presented at the 10th International Conference on Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets, Data Mining, and Granular Computing, University of Regina, Canada, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence vol. 3642, pp. 283 - 293, (2005 August/September).
Author Czyzewski A., Dziubinski M., Litwic L., Maziewski P.
Name Evaluation of wow defects based on tonal components detection and tracking
Description This paper presents a method for wow defect evaluation. The method is based on tonal components detection in STFT frames. Extracted harmonic elements are joined together to form tracks. The pitch variation curve pvc is created from the selected tracks. Pvc course is considered to depict the wow defect, therefore it can be used for parasite modulation removal.
Content 11ISSET_paper (pdf) - presented at the XI International AES Symposium, Krakow, Poland, in Proc. Int. Symposium of Sound Engineering and Tonmeistering, pp. 145 -150, (2005 June).
Author Litwic L., Maziewski P.
Name Wow defect reduction based on interpolation techniques
Description In this paper the capacity of different interpolation techniques aimed at wow defect reduction is examined. Involved are: linear interpolation, two polynomial based interpolation methods (Hermite and spline) and the windowed sinc-based method. The performance of a synthetic audio signal restored using incommensurate resampling for wow cancellation is evaluated on the basis of standard audio defect measurement criteria and compared for four interpolation techniques.
Content 4KKE_paper (pdf) - presented at the 4th National Electronic Conference, Darlowko Wschodnie, Poland, in Proc. 4th Nt. Electronic Conf., vol. 1/2, pp. 481-486, (2005 June).
Author P.Maziewski .
Name Detection and Tracking Scheme for Line Scratch Removal in an Image Sequence
Description A detection and tracking approach is proposed for line scratch removal in a digital film restoration process. Unlike random impulsive distortions such as dirt spots, line scratch artifacts persist across several frames. Hence, motion compensated methods will fail, as well as single-frame methods if scratches are unsteady or fragmented .../...
Content ECCV 2004 (pdf) - in The 8th European Conference on Computer Vision - ECCV 2004, Prague, May 11-14, 2004, part III, page 264-275
Author Bernard Besserer, Cedric Thire.
Name High Quality Deinterlacing using In-painting and Shutter- Model Directed Temporal Interpolation
Description The proposed deinterlacing scheme is aimed towards high-quality progressive image output, typically for a videotape-to-film blow-up operation. This operation consists in increasing the resolution of video images, recording these images on 16mm or 35mm film and reducing the typical video artefacts (due to interlaced scanning, electronic noise), eventually adding some film-look features (color correction, motion blur,...) .../...
Content ICCVG 2004 (pdf) - to appear in International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics 2004 – ICCVG 2004, Warsaw, Poland
Author David Tschumperle, Bernard Besserer.
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Integrating Domain and Paradigmatic Similarity for Unsupervised Sense Tagging,

Content Proceedings of 17th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI06), Riva del Garda, (Italy), 2006.
Author Roberto Basili, Marco Cammisa, Alfio Gliozzo,

A geometrical approach to literary text analysis

Content Proceedings of the Workshop on “Towards Computational models of Literary Analysis”, May 22nd, 2006, Genova (Italy) jointly held with the International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, LREC 2006, May 22nd-28th, 2006.
Author Roberto Basili, Paolo Marocco,

From video segmentation to semantic indexing : the PrestoSpace approach

Content ESA-EUSC 2006 workshop on Image Information Mining", 27 November 2006
Author R. Basili, M. Cammisa, L. Boch, A. Messina, G. Dimino, V. Tablan, B. Popov, W. Bailer, W. Allasia, M. Vigilante,
Name A Description Infrastructure for Audiovisual Media Processing Systems Based on MPEG-7
Description We present a case study of establishing a description infrastructure for media processing systems. The description infrastructure consists of an internal metadata model and access tools for using it. Based on an analysis of requirements, we selected, out of a set of candidates, MPEG-7 as the basis of our metadata model.
Content jukm (pdf) - to appear in: Journal of Universal Knowledge Management (J.UKM), special issue on Multimedia Metadata, 2006.
Author Peter Schallauer, Werner Bailer, Georg Thallinger.
Name Creating rich Metadata in the TV Broadcast Archives Environment: the PrestoSpace project
Description This paper describes the part of the PrestoSpace project dedicated to the study and development of the Metadata Access and Delivery (MAD) system. The mission of the MAD system, inside the wider perspective of the PrestoSpace factory, is to generate, validate and deliver to the archive users metadata created through the employment of both automatic and manual information extraction tools. Automatic tools include audiovisual content analysis and semantic analysis of text extracted by automatic speech recognition (ASR). The MAD publication platform provides access and search facilities to the imported and newly produced metadata in a synergic and easy-to-use interface.
Content IEEE AXMEDIS06 Conference, Leeds December 2006.
Author A. Messina, L. Boch, G. Dimino, W. Bailer, P. Schallauer, W. Allasia, and R. Basili.
Name Tree kernel engineering in semantic role labeling systems.
Description Recent work on the design of automatic systems for semantic role labeling has shown that feature engineering is a complex
task from a modeling and implementation point of view. Tree kernels alleviate such complexity as kernel functions generate features automatically and require less software development for data extraction.
In this paper, we study several tree kernel approaches for both boundary detection and argument classification.../...
Content EACL2006-ws1 (pdf) - In Proceedings of the Workshop on Learning Structured Information in Natural Language Applications, EACL 2006, pages 49-56, Trento, Italy, April. European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics.
Author Moschitti Alessandro, Daniele Pighin, and Roberto Basili.
Name Making tree kernels practical for natural language learning.
Description In recent years tree kernels have been proposed for the automatic learning of natural language applications. Unfortunately, they show (a) an inherent super linear complexity and (b) a lower accuracy than traditional attribute/value methods.
In this paper, we show that tree kernels are very helpful in the processing of natural language as (a) we provide a simple
algorithm to compute tree kernels in linear average running time and (b) our study on the classification properties of diverse tree kernels show that kernel combinations always improve the traditional methods.../...
Content EACL2006 (pdf) - In Proceedings of 11th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL2006), April, 2006.
Author Moschitti Alessandro.
Name Semantic indexing and hyperlinking of multimedia news: the RitroveRAI System.
Description Web services tend to offer functional and non-functional requirements and capabilities in an agreed, machine-readable format. The target is to provide automated services for discovering, selection and binding of information as a native capability of middleware and applications. However, the major limitations are due to the lack of clear and processable semantics. In this paper, a system, RitroveRAI, addressing the general problem of enriching a multimedia news stream with semantic metadata is presented.../...
Content Special Issue on "Recent trences in Web Services Practices" International Journal of Digital information Management (JDIM), January 2006.
Author Roberto Basili, Marco Cammisa, Emanuale Donati, Alessandro Moschitti.
Name The Detailed Audiovisual Profile: Enabling Interoperability between MPEG-7 Based Systems
Description MPEG-7 is an excellent choice for the description of audiovisual content due to its flexibility and comprehensiveness. The drawback is that these properties also increase the complexity of descriptions and cause ambiguities which hinder interoperability. In order to partly solve these problems, profiles and levels have been proposed, but the definitions of the adopted profiles lack semantic constraints which are necessary for interoperability. We propose a profile for detailed description of audiovisual content that can be used in a broad range of applications.../...
Content IEEE_MMM2006 (pdf) - Proceedings of 12th International Multi-Media Modelling Conference,
Beijing, CN, IEEE Press, Jan. 2006.
Author W. Bailer and P. Schallauer.
Name Documenting the Archives using Content Analysis Techniques EBU Technical Review, Geneva, January 2006.
Description The purpose of this article is to provide EBU Members with basic information on the possible benefits of employing content analysis techniques for documenting their television and radio archives. It is based on the considerable experience gained by RAI over recent years in this field and in the PrestoSpace project. The article also looks analytically at the impact these new archive documentation techniques will have on traditional working practices.
Content EBU Technical Review, Geneva, January 2006.
Author A. Messina.
Name RitroveRAI : a Web application for semantic indexing and hyperlinking of multimedia news,
Description In this paper, a system, RitroveRAI, addressing the general problem of enriching a multimedia news stream with semantic metadata is presented. News metadata here are explicitly derived from transcribed sentences or implicitly expressed into a topical category automatically detected. The enrichment process is accomplished by searching the same news expressed by different agencies reachable over the Web.../...
Content iswc2005_paper (pdf) - Proceedings of the  4th International Semantic Web Conference, Galway, Ireland, November 2005.
Author Roberto Basili, Marco Cammisa, Emanuale Donati.
Name Archives documentation based on content analysis
Description The developments of computer systems in terms of memory and capacity in the last years, as well as the overwhelming phenomena of wide band networks, have revived in the international scientific community the drive to investigate and test novel audiovisual content analysis tools and algorithms. The principal aim of these techniques is to provide users with powerful automatic classification and description tools allowing for considerable cost savings and efficiency in a wide range of content search and retrieval processes. Quite obviously, broadcasters and content providers represent a prime target for the results of these efforts due to their relevant investments and interests in audiovisual archives. This paper proposes a critical review of the state of the art in content analysis from the point of view of the
applicability in real contexts and operating environments. In addition it presents some results carried on at RAI in the field of automatic documentation and classification of archive content based on these tools.
Content in the Proceedings of IBC 2005, Amsterdam 11 September 2005.
Author A. Messina, D. Airola.
Name Semantic indexing and hyperlinking of multimedia news : the RitroveRAI System,
Description Web services tend to offer functional and non-functional requirements and capabilities in an agreed, machine-readable format. The target is to provide automated services for discovering, selection and binding of information as a native capability of middleware and applications. However, the major limitations are due to the lack of clear and processable semantics. In this paper, a system, RitroveRAI, addressing the general problem of enriching a multimedia news stream with semantic metadata is presented.../...
Content Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Next Generation Web Service and Practices, Seoul, Korea, August 2005.
Author Roberto Basili, Marco Cammisa, Emanuele Donati.
Name Semantically Enhanced Television News through Web and Video Integration.
Description The Rich News system for semantically annotating television news broadcasts and augmenting them with additional web content is described. Online news sources were mined for material reporting the same stories as those found in television broadcasts, and the text of these pages was semantically annotated using the KIM knowledge management platform.../...
Content ESWC05 (pdf) - In Proc. of the ESWC05 Workshop on Multimedia and the Semantic Web. Crete, 29 May 2005
Author Mike Dowman, Valentin Tablan, Hamish Cunningham, Cristian Ursu, Borislav Popov.
Name Content Augmentation for Mixed-Mode News Broadcasts. In Proc. of the 3rd European Conference on
Interactive Television:
Description Rich News, a system that augments news broadcasts with textual content, is described. The system identifies individual stories in news broadcasts, and annotates them with related content from the World Wide Web.../...
Content ITV05 (pdf) - User Centred ITV Systems, Programmes and Applications. Aalborg University, Denmark, 2005.
Author Mike Dowman, Valentin Tablan, Hamish Cunningham, Borislav Popov.
Name Semantic Indexing and Search of Television and Radio News.
Description The Rich News system, that can automatically annotate radio and television news with the aid of resources retrieved from the World Wide Web, is described. Automatic speech recognition gives a temporally precise but conceptually inaccurate annotation model. Information extraction from related web news sites gives the opposite: conceptual accuracy but no temporal data. Our approach combines the two for temporally accurate conceptual semantic annotation of broadcast news.../...
Content WWW05 (pdf) - In Proc. of the 14th International World Wide Web Conference. Chiba, Japan, 2005.
Author Mike Dowman, Valentin Tablan, Hamish Cunningham, Borislav Popov.
Name Joanneum Research at TRECVID 2005 - Camera Motion Detection
Description Manual camera motion annotation has been performed by three groups using a tool provided by Joanneum Research. Some types of content made it difficult or impossible for human annotators to describe the camera motion. The comparison of annotations of the same content done by two groups shows significant differences for some features. We discuss the questions that arise from the results of the manual annotation.../...
Content TrecVid2005 (pdf) - Proceedings of TRECVID Workshop, Gaithersburg, MD, USA, Nov. 2005
Author W. Bailer, P. Schallauer and G. Thallinger.
Name PrestoSpace: Restoration and Automatic Indexing of AudioVisual Media
Description Work done by JRS & Partners in the PrestoSpace Restoration Work Area.
Content Presentation during “5th Conference on Film Restoration”, Budapest, April 29 - May 1, 2005.
Author P. Schallauer.
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